RMDK marketing s.r.o.
Komenského 774
763 12 Vizovice

tel.: +420 604 164 242

Identifying Number: 26246741
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Market Research

Particular products executed by the RMDK marketing s.r.o. company are represented by:

  • purchaising-behaviour- and consumer-shopping-habits researches,
  • consumers´ perceiving and product-preferences surveys,
  • pre-tests and post-tests of advertisements, advertising campaigns, new products,
  • tests of a price sensitivity by new products,
  • trademark knowledge and image surveys,
  • researches of the retail environment,
  • retail auditing by an assortment structure and a price level,
  • mystery shopping,
  • researches of particular effects of sales promotion methods,
  • competition surveys,
  • product marketing studies.

The RMDK marketing s.r.o. company disposes of a network of inquirers throughout the Czech Republic, which are coached individually for a particular questionaire activity and passed by a through and backward control of their field work.

Our business partners are being undertaken for the formal and logical data control by processing questionaires. In case of finding an error rate by an inquirer, we acquire new preliminary data by another inquirer. On demand, we can guarantee a personal control of inquirers´ interviewing respondents by a supervisor or a backward checking by respondents.

The most frequently applied marketing methods in the RMDK marketing s.r.o. company´s best practice:

Market verification, pilot marketing:

examinational market
experimental market
minimarket (minitests)

observation in the natural situation
laboratory research
public research
panel research
in-depth interview

Perception Research
price sensitivity test


Concept, product, trade mark, advertisement testing:
focus group disscussion
in-depth interview
as marketed
monadic test

Advice: Identify the actual perceiving of your customers and strenghten their loyality by a new marketing activity!

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