RMDK marketing s.r.o.
Komenského 774
763 12 Vizovice

tel.: +420 604 164 242

Identifying Number: 26246741
Tax Identifying Number:

Company Profile

Motto: The satisfied business partner floats positive references!

The RMDK marketing s.r.o. company was established in the year of 2001. A several-year experience in marketing for manufacturing, wholesale an retailing companies is being completed by continuous qualifications documented among other things by the CIMA-A European diploma.

The RMDK marketing s.r.o. company´s goal is to become the steady and reliable business partner for companies that do not execute marketing research and coherent activities by themselves as an objective reason and that need a market background for the managerial decision-making or feel an interest in independent observer´s findings impartial to their every-day routine, as far as consumer behaviour or e. g. retail development are being concerned.

Main activities of the RMDK marketing s.r.o. company are aimed at retail markets and the consumer industry. The RMDK marketing s.r.o. company fulfiled itself for instance:

  • by analysing the consumer behaviour and defining a target customer segment for a hypermarket chain,
  • by defining a market position and image of a manufacturer of heating appliances in the Czech and Slovak markets,
  • by evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign in the Czech and Slovak markets,
  • by a periodical monitoring the Czech market in the segment of home electric appliances,
  • by revealing opportunities and threaths for a new soft drink before its launching the Czech market.

The RMDK marketing s.r.o. company conducts the marketing research especially on the markets of the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The RMDK marketing s.r.o. company is being filed by the County Court in Brno, the Czech Republic, the office Husova 15, under the index mark of C 39859.

The certification about filing of the tax identifying number CZ26246741 have been confered by the tax administrator of the Revenue Authority in Zlín.

Advice: Eliminate threats of your current market and benefit from newly revealed opportunities!

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